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Iran: Market Profile

15 Oct 2018

The Iranian economy bounced back sharply in 2016-2017; however, by the second half of 2018, Iran’s economy was under significant negative pressure as fresh economic sanctions undermined investor senti...Read More


Lifestyle Expo in Dubai 2018 Survey Results: A Shining Outlook for Consumer Products

13 Sept 2018

Industry players in the consumer products sector in the Middle East and Africa are showing signs of optimism about market prospects in the near term. Emerging markets in the Middle East are looking up...Read More


Iran Sanctions Affecting Foreign Subsidiaries, Financial Transactions to be Reinstated

25 May 2018

President Trump announced on 8 May his decision to cease the United States’ participation in the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action and to begin re-imposing the U.S. nuclear-related primary and second...Read More


Iran Unbound: Opportunities in the Special Economic and Free Zones

12 Dec 2016

Iran is a big manufacturing economy in the Middle East, offering a range of free trade industrial zones and special economic zones for foreign investors. Hong Kong companies eyeing production opportun...Read More


Iran Unbound: Evaluating the Manufacturing Prospect

29 Nov 2016

Iran boasts a diversified industrial base as well as a young and well-educated work force. After the lifting of UN sanctions, its manufacturing sector shows good prospects of becoming a production hub...Read More


Iran Unbound: Infrastructure Opportunities

6 Oct 2016

Following years of underinvestment due to international sanctions, the Iranian infrastructure sector shows huge room for improvement. Inward FDI and technology upgrading is badly needed to enhance the...Read More


Iran Unbound: Retail and Consumer Goods Opportunities

23 Sept 2016

As the second-most-populous Middle East country, Iran has a huge consumer base with strong buying potential. Following the removal of international sanctions in early 2016, Iran’s retail landscape loo...Read More


Iran Unbound: Balancing Opportunities with Practical Business Risks

8 Aug 2016

The removal of many international sanctions on Iran in early 2016 looks certain to boost the country’s economic prospects. Enhancement of the investment climate in the medium-term notwithstanding, Hon...Read More


Iran Unbound: A Land of Business Opportunity

28 July 2016

The removal of many international sanctions relating to Iran in January 2016 looks certain to boost the country’s economic prospects. Restored access to the global financial and trading system will en...Read More


U.S. Lifts Nuclear-Related Sanctions Against Iran

4 Feb 2016

Effective 16 January the United States has lifted its nuclear-related secondary sanctions against Iran following the United Nations’ determination that Iran has complied with specified commitments und...Read More


Update on Recent U.S. Steps to Ease Economic Sanctions Against Iran

18 Dec 2015

The United States, the European Union and a handful of other countries recently took another step toward easing some of their economic sanctions against Iran under a July 2015 agreement that offers th...Read More


Iranian Smartphone Market Readies for Post-Sanctions Spending Boom

5 Oct 2015

Iranian consumers are postponing purchases in the expectation of cheaper prices and expanded options once sanctions are formally lifted, while the government continues in its latest bid to stem the fr...Read More


Tehran Traders Adopt 'Wait and See' Approach to Lifting of Sanctions

21 July 2015

Despite positive rumblings following preliminary agreements on curbing Iran's nuclear programme, many retailers at the street-level in Tehran remain unconvinced that the end of 37-years of sanctions a...Read More

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