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Argentina Announces Standards for Furniture

21 Aug 2018

Argentina recently approved framework technical requirements setting forth minimum standards for furniture sold in the country. The government will issue more specific technical standards at some poin...Read More


Argentina Extends Deadline to Fully Comply with Certification Requirements for Safety Components for Lifts

16 Aug 2018

Argentina has extended from 5 August 2018 to 5 August 2019 the deadline to comply with the certification requirements for safety components for lifts....Read More


Argentina: Market Profile

16 Aug 2018

Argentina, one of the largest economies in Latin America with vast natural resources in energy and agriculture, is a leading food producer with large-scale agricultural and livestock industries. It al...Read More


Argentina Adopts New Labelling Requirements for Footwear

14 Aug 2018

Argentina recently unveiled new labelling requirements for footwear that differ in various respects from the current requirements....Read More


Argentina Implements Law on International Commercial Arbitration, Joins TIR Convention

2 Aug 2018

Argentina has adopted a law and approved an international customs convention that, as a whole, are expected to have a positive impact on international trade....Read More


Argentina Further Streamlines Import Process

26 July 2018

Argentinean authorities recently adopted various new operational requirements In an effort to further streamline the import process. The requirements will be phased in from 13 August through 5 Novembe...Read More


Argentina Sets New Energy Efficiency Standards for Certain Lamps

24 July 2018

Argentina has adopted effective from 1 July 2019 new minimum energy efficiency standards for halogen lamps with a tungsten filament as well as self-ballasted fluorescent lamps (both single and double ...Read More


Argentina’s Content Declaration Requirements for Textiles, Apparel and Footwear Further Amended

22 June 2018

The Argentinean government has amended certain test report provisions associated with the sworn statement of product composition (DJCP) requirements for domestically-produced and imported textiles, ap...Read More


Argentina Amends Certification Requirements for Electrical Equipment

22 June 2018

Argentina recently modified certain aspects of the certification requirements for domestically-produced and imported electrical equipment....Read More


Argentina Eases Documentary Requirements for Goods Subject to Criterion Values

8 June 2018

As part of on-going efforts to reduce the overall administrative burdens faced by trade operators, the Argentinean government has rescinded a regulation (External Note 57/2007, as amended by External ...Read More


Argentina Amends Content Declaration Requirements for Textiles, Apparel and Footwear

25 May 2018

The Argentinean government has amended in various ways the sworn statement of product composition (DJCP) requirements for domestically-produced and imported textiles, apparel and footwear....Read More


Argentina Sets New Technical Requirements for Bicycle Tyres

25 May 2018

Argentina has adopted new technical requirements for bicycle tyres, including quality and marking/labelling requirements....Read More


Argentina Streamlines Import Process for Motor Vehicles, Bans Sale of Certain Chemicals

25 May 2018

Argentina has implemented new digital import certificate procedures for motor vehicles, trailers, semi-trailers, engine blocks, and self-propelled agricultural, road and industrial machinery that are ...Read More


Argentina Sets Criterion Values for Various Products

11 May 2018

Argentinean authorities have a long-standing practice of setting reference/criterion values for a broad range of imported merchandise, which are purportedly aimed at preventing the under-invoicing of ...Read More


Miscellaneous Latin American AD Actions on Mainland Chinese Products

11 May 2018

Topics: Argentina Begins AD Probe of Shock Absorbers for Motorcycles; Argentina Issues AD Duty Orders on Dishwashers, Certain Cutlery; Argentina Terminates AD Probe of Emergency Lighting Devices; Braz...Read More


Argentina Announces New Requirements for Electrical Equipment

13 April 2018

Argentina has unveiled a new regulatory regime to ensure that electrical equipment commercialised in the country provides an adequate level of protection to consumers, property and household pets....Read More


Argentina Amends Import Licencing Provisions, Broadens Heavy Metal Certification Exemptions, Sets Requirements for Aluminium Products

13 April 2018

Argentina has issued an updated list of imported products subject to non-automatic licencing in order to correct certain inadvertent errors and further simplify and facilitate import operations....Read More


Argentina Modifies Import Monitoring Procedures

29 March 2018

Argentina has amended its import monitoring system (SIMI) by allowing importers to obtain an officialised SIMI declaration prior to the arrival of their goods in Argentina, rather than prior to the bo...Read More


Argentina Again Extends Deadline to Comply with Technical Requirements for Electric Metres

29 March 2018

The Argentinean government has again extended the deadline for producers, importers and sellers to comply with the technical requirements for electric metres laid out under Resolution 90/2012 as amend...Read More


Miscellaneous Canadian and Latin American AD/CV Actions on Mainland Chinese Products

16 March 2018

Topics: Argentina Begins AD Probe of Pliers; Mexico Issues AD Duty Order on Certain Steel Tubes; Mexico Preliminary Finds Dumping on Micro Welding Wire; Peru Issues AD Duty Order on Slide Fasteners; C...Read More

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