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MYANMAR: Six Month Deadline Announced for Local Language Labelling of Imports

9 Nov 2018

After 26 April next year, it will be illegal to sell imported goods in any one of the nine categories unless local language labelling is attached....Read More


MYANMAR: Online Corruption-Proof Tax Payment System Set for 2019 Launch

29 Oct 2018

An online tax payment facility is to be introduced in 2019, superseding the current paper-based process, which is said to be open to systematic abuse on the part of both tax payers and officials....Read More


MYANMAR: New Investment Plan Designed to Boost FDI and Enhance Business Environment

23 Oct 2018

The newly-unveiled Myanmar Investment Promotion Plan 2018 (MIPP) is intended to nurture a three-phase increase in FDI over the next 18 years....Read More


MYANMAR: 30-Day Visa-Free Entry On Offer to Hong Kong Holidaymakers

11 Oct 2018

Hong Kong passport holders are now entitled to visa-free entry into Myanmar for periods of up to 30 days....Read More


MYANMAR: Official One-Stop Gold Import/Export Facility Opens for Business

8 Oct 2018

All the administrative requirements related to the import/export of gold can now be processed via the state-run One-Stop Service Centre (OSSC), a facility recently launched in Yangon, the country’s co...Read More


Myanmar: Market Profile

13 Sept 2018

Myanmar is a member of the ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA), and has committed the Common Effective Preferential Tariff Scheme (CEPT) to reduce intra-ASEAN import tariffs for 100% of the total tariff line...Read More


MYANMAR: Overseas-Owned Insurance Companies Set for Nationwide Trading Approval

31 Aug 2018

The country’s insurance sector is to be opened up to foreign direct investment (FDI), with overseas companies allowed to sell their products, including life and general insurance, to the general popul...Read More


MYANMAR: Education FDI Guidelines Issued by Investment Directorate

22 Aug 2018

New guidelines for overseas investors interested in opportunities in the country’s educational sector have been issued by the Directorate of Investment and Company Administration (DICA)....Read More


Enlightened Mutual Interest Revives China-Myanmar BRI Partnership

16 Aug 2018

With the win-win nature of the relationship clearly established, it's full-steam ahead on the Burmese BRI front....Read More


MYANMAR: Online Import and Export Licence Approval Extended to All Product Categories

15 Aug 2018

All import and export licence applications can now be submitted online, with approval also being granted digitally....Read More


MYANMAR: Overseas Banks Authorised to Lend to Approved Domestic Importers

8 Aug 2018

For the first time, all the 13 overseas-headquartered banks currently operating in the country are to be permitted to extend credit to reputable import-oriented domestic businesses....Read More


MYANMAR: Overseas Investors Cleared to Trade Across 24 Product Categories

6 Aug 2018

FDI-backed businesses have been approved to trade in 24 different product categories on both a retail and a wholesale basis....Read More


MYANMAR: Mandatory Company Online Registration Procedures Issued

31 July 2018

With all companies – new and established – obliged to register on the recently-launched Myanmar Companies Online (MyCO) portal, the Directorate of Investment and Company Administration (DICA) has rele...Read More


MYANMAR: Bundling of Native Language User Manuals Now Mandatory

26 July 2018

A Burmese language user manual must now be bundled with any consumer product sold in the country. Businesses have six months to comply with this Consumer Protection Central Committee directive, which ...Read More


MYANMAR: Trading on Yangon Stock Exchange to be Opened-Up to Non-Locals

12 July 2018

As of 1 August this year, non-local residents are to be permitted to buy and sell shares on the Yangon Stock Exchange (YSX)....Read More


MYANMAR: Companies Face Mandatory Re-Registration Following August Business Portal Launch

6 July 2018

When Myanmar Companies Online (MyCO), the country’s new digital business registration system, is launched on 1 August, existing businesses will be able to complete their mandatory registration free-of...Read More


MYANMAR: GSP Benefits Only Open to State-Registered Exporters

27 June 2018

Companies looking to export goods to the European Union, Switzerland, Norway or Turkey under the Generalised System of Preferences (GSP) programme must be listed on the Ministry of Commerce’s Register...Read More


MYANMAR: FDI Projects Obliged to File Performance Report for Each Financial Year

19 June 2018

Annual performance reports must be filed within three months of the end of the financial year for all the country’s FDI-backed projects, according to a new directive from the Myanmar Investment Commis...Read More


MYANMAR: Self-Assessed Income Tax Regime Looks to End Illegal Tax Negotiations

28 May 2018

In a bid to clamp down on illegally-negotiated tax payments and reduce the overall level of tax evasion, the country is to switch to a self-assessment tax regime....Read More


MYANMAR: Overseas Investors Now Free to Run Wholesale and Retail Businesses

16 May 2018

Overseas investors are now free to trade in all legal goods on both a retail and wholesale basis. This entitlement extends across all imported and domestically-manufactured goods and can be conducted ...Read More

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