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Accessing the ASEAN Consumer Market: Fashion and Accessories (Clothing Styles and Trends)

21 Aug 2018

The ASEAN fashion market is greatly influenced by the region’s rich history, diverse customs and religions, making it one of the most interesting fashion scenes in the world. While the cultural and so...Read More


Accessing the ASEAN Consumer Market: Fashion and Accessories (Executive Summary)

13 Aug 2018

Providing practical guidance for SMEs in the fashion and accessories industry, this report explores the potential of the ASEAN markets, focuses on Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore (a key re...Read More


THAILAND: Tax Data Set to be Shared with Overseas Partner Countries

9 Aug 2018

The country’s tax authorities are set to share tax-related data with their overseas counterparts in a move designed to ensure that Thailand’s fiscal regime is in compliance with its affiliation to the...Read More


THAILAND: Infrastructure-Proximate Land and Property Owners Face Windfall Tax

17 July 2018

Landowners – whether individual or corporate – are to be taxed on the rise in the value of any of their properties occasioned by being 5km or less from a major transport infrastructure project....Read More


THAILAND: Temporarily-Reduced 7% VAT Rate Extended for 19th Year

10 July 2018

The currently-reduced 7% VAT rate is to be maintained until at least the end of September 2019. Previously scheduled to expire on 1 October this year, this marks the 19th time the reduced rate has bee...Read More


80% of Global GDP Set to Be Reliant on Real-Time Payments by 2023

28 June 2018

As the big boys of digital payment processing gathered in Singapore for the annual Seamless Asia event, clear battle lines were being drawn between the national, regional and global players, with mark...Read More


Alignment of BRI and Thailand 4.0 Triggers Bumper China Investment

26 June 2018

With China and Thailand identifying joint economic objectives, Beijing has loosened its purse strings still further....Read More


Thailand: Market Profile

8 June 2018

Thailand has made remarkable progress in social and economic development, moving from a low-income country to an upper-income country in less than a generation. Thailand's long-term economic goals are...Read More


Thailand Distribution Channels and Entry Strategies: Fashion and Watches

4 June 2018

Increasingly sophisticated and fashion-conscious Thai consumers represent great potential for Hong Kong fashion and watch exporters. Hong Kong companies should find the right distribution channels and...Read More


Anti-dumping Actions

18 May 2018

Threaded tube or pipe cast fittings, of malleable cast iron, excluding bodies of compression fittings using ISO DIN 13 metric thread and malleable iron threaded circular junction boxes without having ...Read More


THAILAND: Tax Exemptions Look to Woo Smart City and Logistics Investors

15 May 2018

The Board of Investment has unveiled a range of Corporate Income Tax (CIT) related incentives for would-be investors across a number of sectors, including smart city development, logistics operations ...Read More


Obesity-Averse Thais Switch to Organic Foods and Low-Calorie Crackers

27 April 2018

Officially the second most obese nation in Southeast Asia, many Thai consumers have belatedly wised up to the benefits of healthier eating and organically-reared produce, according to exhibitors at th...Read More


THAILAND: Minimum Paid-Up Capital Cut by 50% for Digital Payment Services Providers

25 April 2018

Companies looking to establish themselves as digital payment services providers (PSPs) now only need to have paid-up capital of Baht 100 million (US$3,175,540), just half of the Baht 200 million previ...Read More


The Hong Kong-ASEAN Free Trade Agreement: Capitalising on the New Opportunities

23 April 2018

The newly signed FTA and Investment Agreement between Hong Kong and ASEAN will open up new business opportunities for Hong Kong. This, together with the full investment protection offered to Hong Kong...Read More


Thai Electronics Manufacturing Hub Wooed by Keen Mainland Suppliers

26 Feb 2018

With Thailand's status as one of Southeast Asia's leading electrical and electronics manufacturing hubs now widely acknowledged, would-be suppliers from China and beyond dominated the recent Bangkok E...Read More


Overseas Brands Keen to Target Thai Tea and Coffee Niche Markets

2 Feb 2018

Although ostensibly over-blessed with many domestic brews and western-style coffee shops, many Southeast Asian suppliers are keen to tempt the voracious thirst of Thai consumers with bespoke brands an...Read More


THAILAND: Four-Year Visas on Offer for Overseas Investors and Professionals in 10 Hi-Tech Sectors

18 Jan 2018

Foreign investors/professionals in 10 high-tech sectors of Thailand are set to be eligible for new four-year SMART Visas, which will entitle the holders to work in the country without the need for any...Read More


THAILAND: Eight-year SME Income Tax Exemption Scheme Extended Until 2019

20 Dec 2017

An incentive scheme offering an eight-year corporate income tax (CIT) holiday to Thai majority-owned SMEs in certain priority business sectors has been extended until 30 December 2019....Read More


ASEAN Consumer Survey: Hong Kong Awareness and Enjoyment

7 Dec 2017

The rise of middle income consumers in ASEAN countries keeps fueling growth of spending on many lifestyle products and services, including travel and leisure, healthcare and fashion. In the survey con...Read More


THAILAND: Daily Minimum Wage Set to Increase by Up To 5%

7 Dec 2017

Thailand’s Baht 300 (US$9.2) daily minimum wage is set to increase by up to 5%. The wage increase is to be implemented by 1 January 2018, following an expected formal endorsement by the Thai Labour Mi...Read More

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