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The Philippines: Consumer Market Opportunities

19 July 2017

As the second-most populous ASEAN country with over 100 million people, the Philippines is a consumer market in Southeast Asia holding good sales potential for Hong Kong companies. Strong economic gro...Read More


The Philippines: Special Economic Zones

23 June 2017

Since the mid-1990s the Philippines has been developing Special Economic Zones (SEZs) to promote investment. Over the years, SEZs have become a magnet for FDI, especially in the manufacturing sector. ...Read More


Philippines' SEZs Set Out to Woo Chinese and Middle East Investors

5 June 2017

Rapid expansion of SEZ sector sees Philippines launch charm offensive to counter shortfall in overseas investment....Read More


The Philippines: The Prospect for Manufacturing Relocation

5 June 2017

The Philippines as a manufacturing base enjoys a distinct edge compared with other relocation hotspots in Southeast Asia: its English-speaking workers, who are both skilled and trainable. This present...Read More


Aviation Embarks on Second Golden Age with Asia Taking the Helm

2 June 2017

After many years in the doldrums, the global aviation industry has apparently bounced back into profitability, at least according to delegates to this year's Aviation Festival Asia, but can this long-...Read More


PHILIPPINES: Tax Incentives Mooted for Green Manufacturing Sector

16 May 2017

Energy-efficient investment projects in the manufacturing sector are to qualify for as yet unspecified tax incentives. The move, announced by the Philippines Board of Investment, will see clean energy...Read More


PHILIPPINES: PPP Projects to be State-Built but Privately-Operated

12 May 2017

Upcoming public-private partnership (PPP) projects are to favour a hybrid model, with the Philippine government building the infrastructure, and private investors then operating and maintaining the fa...Read More


PHILIPPINES: State-owned SEZ Sector Set to Soar on Re-purposed Farm land

19 April 2017

The development of Special Economic Zones (SEZs) is to be exempt from a proposed two-year moratorium on the re-purposing of farmland for non-agricultural use....Read More


Golden Opportunities Identified in Philippines' Booming Port Sector

5 April 2017

A combination of a strong domestic economy, robust government support and the windfall expected from China's Belt and Road Initiative saw many exhibitors at the recent Philippines Ports and Shipping e...Read More


Philippines' Tactical Realignment Delivers Infrastructure Windfall

27 March 2017

With its foreign-policy pivot towards China, the Philippines looks to have secured extensive mainland investment in its own ambitious infrastructure-redevelopment programme as part of President Xi Jin...Read More


PHILIPPINES: 2017-19 Investment Priorities Plan Targets Manufacturing and Regional Development

15 March 2017

A renewed focus on the manufacturing sector and a push towards shifting investments to rural areas are among the key elements of the government’s Investment Priorities Plan (IPP) for 2017-2019....Read More


Philippines Looks to Ensure Future of Business Outsourcing Sector

13 March 2017

Despite ever-rising incomes, several external and internal factors may compromise the viability of the Philippines' largest source of foreign currency, a development that has spurred a rethink of the ...Read More


The Philippines: Market Profile

23 Jan 2017

The Philippine economy is estimated to have expanded by 6% in 2016 on the back of a robust service sector, up marginally from 5.8% in 2015. The IMF expects the Philippines to be the fastest-expanding ...Read More


Asia-Pacific Surges Ahead as World's Leading Male Grooming Market

20 Dec 2016

Although consumer preferences vary from country to country, spend on male cosmetics is up across the whole region....Read More


PHILIPPINES: 99-Year Leases Set to be Introduced for SEZ FDI Projects

14 Dec 2016

Overseas investors will be entitled to apply for 99-year land leases for projects in the country’s Special Economic Zones (SEZs). At present, buildings and land in the SEZs can only by leased for a ma...Read More


LinkedIn Emerges as Lead B2B Marketing Platform in Southeast Asia

6 Dec 2016

While Facebook has maintained its commanding position as the key social media channel for B2C marketing in Southeast Asia, LinkedIn is rapidly gaining ground among those companies looking to target hi...Read More


Selfie Ubiquity Prompts Rethink of Cosmetics Marketing Across SE Asia

29 Nov 2016

Skincare companies look to enlist keen members of the selfie generation as peer-group friendly brand ambassadors....Read More


PHILIPPINES: Larger PPP Contracted Companies Given Greenlight for Public Listings

24 Nov 2016

New regulations are to permit special purpose companies (SPC) incorporated in the Philippines by holders of a public-private partnership (PPP) contract or corporations with a PPP contract valued at fi...Read More


ASEAN Low Credit Card Use Drives Race to Win Online Payment Battle

15 Nov 2016

With credit cards a rarity, online-payment companies are desperate to build market share across Southeast Asia....Read More


Facebook Proves Key Digital Platform for Trade in the Philippines

14 Oct 2016

With Filipinos the world's biggest Facebook fans, its reach goes beyond keeping in touch with friends and relatives....Read More

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