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MYANMAR: SEZ Licences for Overseas Insurance Companies Mark First Step Towards Liberalisation

29 March 2017

Overseas insurance companies can now apply for a licence to conduct business within the Thilawa Special Economic Zone (SEZ), the only such zone operational in the country....Read More


BRI-Backed Rail Link Set to Unleash the Economic Potential of Laos

20 March 2017

With work now under way on the China-Laos Railway Project, hopes are high that it will form a key element of the Belt and Road Initiative, transforming Laos' infrastructure and delivering rapid and af...Read More


MYANMAR: Work Begins on Delayed Dawei Special Economic Zone Project

13 March 2017

Work is expected to commence on the delayed Dawei Special Economic Zone (DSEZ) project in south-eastern Myanmar. Initially mooted in 2008, the project has long been beset with financial difficulties....Read More


Belt and Road Project Set to Usher In New Economic Dawn for Myanmar

6 March 2017

With its abundant natural resources and its unmatched geographical advantages, Myanmar could benefit hugely from the Belt and Road Initiative, but only if it can secure the massive investment needed f...Read More


MYANMAR: New Factory Sites Set to Be Released on Expanded Thilawa SEZ

1 March 2017

New factory sites are to be released within the Thilawa Special Economic Zone (SEZ) before the end of 2017. Set on the outskirts of Yangon, Myanmar’s commercial hub, the SEZ has already attracted more...Read More


Myanmar: Market Profile

27 Feb 2017

Myanmar has shown solid GDP growth in recent years, expanding by 6.5% in 2016. For 2017, the economy is expected to grow by 6.9% as private and public investments in infrastructure, light manufacturin...Read More


MYANMAR: Jail Threat to Resident Foreigners Absent from Registered Address for 24 Hours or More

7 Feb 2017

Resident foreigners will need to seek prior approval from their local immigration office prior to taking any trip within the country that sees them absent from their registered address for 24 hours or...Read More


TV Remains Dominant Platform for Multi-sourced Content Across Asia

2 Feb 2017

Despite the challenge of enhanced internet access throughout most of Asia, television has retained a pivotal role, although ever more frequently it is being called upon to host content sourced through...Read More


MYANMAR: Illicit Export Earnings Targetted in Government Crackdown

27 Jan 2017

The export earnings of all businesses are to be subject to greater scrutiny, with legal action likely against any company that fails to properly declare such transactions....Read More


MYANMAR: Guidelines on Compulsory FDI Permit Requirements Released

27 Jan 2017

Clarification has now been issued as to which FDI projects will require prior approval from the Myanmar Investment Commission (MIC). As of April 1, any project requiring investment of more than US$100...Read More


MYANMAR: National Rollout of Online Customs System Postponed Until 2018

12 Jan 2017

Teething troubles with the country’s new online customs clearance system means its national rollout is now likely to be postponed until 2018....Read More


MYANMAR: All Timber Exports Now Channeled Through State-owned Official Body

12 Jan 2017

From 1 May, state-owned Myanmar Timber Enterprise (MTE) will be the only body permitted to export timber from the country....Read More


MYANMAR: Ban on Used Vehicle Imports Set to Boost Domestic Automotive Industry

4 Jan 2017

Vehicle imports to the country are now restricted to right-hand drive models manufactured post-2015. While the move has been seen as a blow to Myanmar’s second-hand car market, it is expected to provi...Read More


MYANMAR: Work on Yangon’s Second Special Economic Zone to Commence in 2018

29 Dec 2016

The authorities are planning to build a new Special Economic Zone (SEZ) on the outskirts of the city of Yangon, the country’s commercial capital. The planned SEZ, which has received approval from the ...Read More


Thai Building Management Sector Boosted by New ASEAN Opportunities

22 Dec 2016

Although hampered by rising labour costs, the Thai facilities and property management sector has been bolstered by new government initiatives, growing eco-awareness and the huge opportunities opening ...Read More


MYANMAR: Overseas Joint Venture Partners Freed From Investment Restrictions

7 Dec 2016

Overseas investors engaged in joint venture businesses with Myanmar companies will no longer have their expenditure restricted to the initial sum they declared to the country’s central bank....Read More


MYANMAR: December 31 Deadline Looms for Proposals Non-Compliant with Incoming FDI Legislation

1 Dec 2016

With the country’s new Investment Law coming into effect as of 1 January 2017, proposals prepared in line with the previous investment need to be submitted to the Myanmar Investment Commission on or b...Read More


MYANMAR: Ministerial Approval Scrapped for Non-Strategic Investment Projects

25 Nov 2016

Non-strategic FDI projects will no longer require ministerial approval under new regulations set to be introduced by the Myanmar Investment Commission (MIC). This follows a recent legislative change t...Read More


MYANMAR: End of Unlicensed Non-Tax Paying Real Estate Agents Now In Sight

24 Nov 2016

Real estate agents and brokers are to be licensed and properly taxed under new legislation designed to regulate this emerging sector in Myanmar. At present, it is not uncommon for unregistered agents ...Read More


MYANMAR: Online Customs Clearance System Goes Live in Yangon as of 12 November

4 Nov 2016

The country’s first online customs clearance system goes live in Yangon as of 12 November. Known as the Myanmar Automated Cargo Clearance System (MACCS), the new service will be operational at both Ya...Read More

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