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MYANMAR: Five Overseas Life Insurance Businesses Granted National Operating Licences

15 April 2019

Five overseas-owned life insurance businesses – including AIA Hong Kong – have been granted provisional licences to provide insurance services in Myanmar....Read More


MYANMAR: Mobile Phone Sales Liable for 5% Surcharge as of 1 June

12 April 2019

As of 1 June this year, a tax of 5% is to be imposed on all mobile phone handsets and accessories sold in the country. The levy will be calculated on the sales value of each item and charged to the re...Read More


MYANMAR: One-Stop Yangon Service Centre Opened for Overseas Investors

11 April 2019

A One Stop Service (OSS) centre, designed to meet the needs of overseas investors, has been launched in Yangon, the country’s commercial capital....Read More


MYANMAR: First Occupational Safety and Health Law Enacted

4 April 2019

Domestic and overseas companies, including joint ventures, now all fall within the remit of the country’s first Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Law, which was recently passed by the country’s par...Read More


MYANMAR: Licence Restriction Lifted on Importing Auto-Parts for Domestic Assembly

22 March 2019

Licences are no longer required for the import of newly-produced automotive parts for use in new vehicles or in domestic assembly/manufacture, providing they comply with a number of statutory requirem...Read More


Myanmar: Market Profile

20 March 2019

Myanmar is a lower-middle income country and the economy is supported by abundant natural resources and commodities. Its largest export is natural gas, which provides an increasingly important revenue...Read More


MYANMAR: Official Boost for Trade and Investment Unveiled

18 March 2019

The Ministry of Commerce and the Directorate of Investment and Company Administration has recently launched the Trade and Investment Project (TIP), an initiative aimed at boosting the country’s commer...Read More


MYANMAR: Overseas Banks Approved for New Branches and Wider Range of Services

27 Feb 2019

In line with a recent statement by the Central Bank of Myanmar (CBM), all overseas-headquartered banks will be permitted to set up wholly-owned subsidiaries in the country by the end of 2020....Read More


MYANMAR: Overseas Investors Allowed to Hold Maximum 35% Stake in Local Banks

14 Feb 2019

Overseas investors are to be permitted to hold a stake of up to 35% in any of the country’s licenced local banks....Read More


MYANMAR: All Businesses Required to Re-Register Existing Trademarks

13 Feb 2019

In line with international best practice, the country is set to abolish its existing first-to-use trademark registration system and adopt a first-to-file system....Read More


MYANMAR: Database of Pre-Approved PPP Infrastructure Projects Set to Go Online

8 Feb 2019

A state-run database of pre-approved infrastructure projects open for overseas investment under a public-private partnership arrangement is set to go online....Read More


MYANMAR: Local Banks Cleared to Offer Unsecured Loans and Three-Year Mortgages

28 Jan 2019

As of 1 February this year, local banks in Myanmar will be permitted to extend credit to all businesses without the need for it to be guaranteed against existing assets (including land and property)....Read More


MYANMAR: Overseas Life Insurance Businesses Invited to Bid for Operating Licences

11 Jan 2019

The country’s insurance sector is now open for foreign direct investment (FDI). In line with this, the government has now formally announced its operational strategy and called for expressions of inte...Read More


MYANMAR: Country’s First Official Credit Bureau Promised Within 12 Months

27 Dec 2018

The country is aiming to establish an official credit bureau over the next 9-12 months, giving local banks and financial institutions access to the financial history of potential domestic borrowers fo...Read More


MYANMAR: Overseas Insurance Companies to be Offered April 2019 Operating Licences

24 Dec 2018

The Ministry of Planning and Finance is to call on overseas-owned insurance companies to bid for April 2019-commencing operating licences....Read More


Potential EU Trade Measures Affecting Imports from Cambodia and Myanmar

18 Dec 2018

Hong Kong traders may like to know that certain or all products, excluding arms and ammunition, which originate in Cambodia or Myanmar and which currently benefit from tariff-free access when imported...Read More


MYANMAR: Overseas Banks Approved to Set Own Interest Rates for Foreign Currency Loans

14 Dec 2018

All 13 overseas-headquartered banks currently operating in the country are to be henceforward entitled to set their own interest rates when extending foreign currency loans to businesses....Read More


Final Go-ahead Inches Closer for Essential Myanmar BRI Deep-Sea Port

13 Dec 2018

With funding for phase one finally agreed, the development of the Kyaukphyu Port no longer seems remote prospect....Read More


MYANMAR: Investment Protection Agreement with China and Hong Kong

4 Dec 2018

Myanmar has signed an Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement (IPPA) with China and nine other countries, including four fellow ASEAN nations – Laos, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam....Read More


MYANMAR: New Ministry Briefed with Launch of Online Overseas Invest System

29 Nov 2018

The launch of an online single-window system for overseas investment applications is to be handled by the newly-established Ministry of Investment and Foreign Economic Relations....Read More

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