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MYANMAR: Promotion Begins for Launch of Online Business Registration System

29 March 2018

The Directorate of Investment and Company Administration has released a set of draft company incorporation forms via its website....Read More


MYANMAR: Business Registration Fee Cut by 50% and Set to Go Online

20 March 2018

As of 1 April 2018, the fee for the registration of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Myanmar will be cut from Kyat 500,000 (US$371) to Kyat 250,000....Read More


MYANMAR: Gems and Precious Stones Now Subject to Export Licences

7 March 2018

An export licence is now required for a list of 3,345 products before they could be exported from Myanmar....Read More


MYANMAR: Overseas Banks Get Go-Ahead to Lend to Domestic Exporters

26 Feb 2018

For the first time, foreign banks will be permitted to extend credit to the country’s export-oriented businesses....Read More


MYANMAR: Withholding Tax Set to be Abolished from 1 April 2018

15 Feb 2018

All forms of withholding tax in Myanmar are set to be abolished from 1 April 2018. At present, tax is required to be withheld at the rate of 15% for all royalty and interest payable to non-residents....Read More


MYANMAR: Online Customs Clearance System Begins National Rollout

13 Feb 2018

Just over a year after it first went into use in Yangon, Myanmar’s online customs clearance system is to be extended to Myawaddy, a southwestern town bordering Thailand....Read More


MYANMAR: Overseas Joint Venture Businesses Approved to Export Cosmetics and Ceramic Products

6 Feb 2018

Foreign businesses in Myanmar can now form joint ventures with local companies for the purpose of exporting a range of products, including cosmetics, purified metals, wood-based furniture, and ceramic...Read More


MYANMAR: Import-Export Restrictions on Gold and Gold Products Now Lifted

25 Jan 2018

Gold and items of gold are now permitted to be imported to and exported from Myanmar, following a recent move by Myanmar’s Ministry of Commerce recently to remove gold from the list of items prohibite...Read More


MYANMAR: Used Machinery Import Regime Extended Until End of 2018

16 Jan 2018

The scheme to allow the import of used machinery for use in a manufacturing project in Myanmar has been extended until the end of 2018. Such imports must be originated from developed countries and arr...Read More


MYANMAR: Daily Minimum Wage Set to Increase to US$3.5

2 Jan 2018

The daily minimum wage in Myanmar is set to increase from Kyat 3,600 (US$2.6) to Kyat 4,800 (US$3.5) following a formal endorsement by the union government....Read More


MYANMAR: Condominium Development Sector Opened Up to Overseas Investors

22 Dec 2017

For the first time, overseas-based companies and individuals have been cleared to invest in condominium development projects....Read More


Myanmar's Soaring Health Sector Prompts Medical Supplier Goldrush

5 Dec 2017

Viewed as the last frontier by many in the commercial sector, Myanmar's government-backed healthcare boom is the latest element of the country's economy to see countless international manufacturers an...Read More


MYANMAR: Foreign Investors Allowed 35% Stake in Local Businesses Without Prior State Approval

4 Dec 2017

Foreign investors will be allowed to take up to a 35% stake in a Myanmar-registered business without prior government approval under the terms of the country’s new Companies Law....Read More


MYANMAR: Temporary Moratorium Imposed on All New Timber-based Investment Projects

27 Nov 2017

A temporary moratorium has been imposed by the Myanmar Investment Commission (MIC) on all new investment projects in the country’s timber-based business sector. However, the MIC will continue to allow...Read More


MYANMAR: Ayeyarwady Manufacturing-Focussed Industrial Zone Set for 2020 Launch

22 Nov 2017

A new manufacturing-oriented Industrial Zone (IZ) is to be established in Ayeyarwady, one of Myanmar’s most populous regions and some 100km to the west of Yangon, the national capital....Read More


MYANMAR: Collateral Requirement Waived to Ease Access to Credit for SMEs

16 Oct 2017

Local banks in Myanmar will now be allowed to offer loans without the need for their potential borrowers to first pledge their assets as collateral....Read More


MYANMAR: Imported Automotive Parts Subject to Immediate Tax Hike

12 Oct 2017

The import tax on a range of automotive parts is to be raised with immediate effect. Among the components affected are parts for commercial vehicles, including trucks, buses and vans with more than ni...Read More


China Set to Confirm 70% Stake in Major Myanmar-based BRI Project

12 Oct 2017

November state visit expected to coincide with signing of MoU on ownership of KyaukPhyu Special Economic Zone....Read More


MYANMAR: Country’s First Socio-Economic Atlas Available for Free Download

11 Oct 2017

A free-to-download Socio-Economic Atlas of Myanmar has been jointly-produced by the country’s Directorate of Investment and Company Administration (DICA) and the German Corporation for International C...Read More


MYANMAR: Online Guide Sets Out to Detail Local Labour Legislation

3 Oct 2017

The ILO Guide to Myanmar Labour Law 2017, newly-available from the International Labour Organisation (ILO), sets out to provide a comprehensive outline of the country’s employment regulations....Read More

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