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Demand Set to Far Outstrip Supply as India's Packaging Sector Soars

9 Nov 2018

While excess packaging practices are being curtailed in many mature markets, India weighs in with less surplus product padding per person than most. But that may be about to change, according to exhib...Read More


INDIA: Variable Anti-Dumping Duty Imposed on Flax Yarn of China Origin

1 Nov 2018

Certain flax yarn imports originating from China will now be subject to anti-dumping duty (ADD) at a rate of US$1.30-US$4.83 per kg....Read More


INDIA: Duty Doubled on Telecom Imports in Bid to Boost Make in India Initiative

24 Oct 2018

The import duty on a range of telecommunication products has been doubled to 20% as the government looks to reduce overall import levels while boosting domestic production in line with the aims of the...Read More


INDIA: End Looms for Direct In-Port Collection of Imported Cargo Containers

22 Oct 2018

In a bid to end congestion at India’s ports, containerised cargo is set to be transported for processing to external Container Freight Stations (CFS) within 24 hours import....Read More


INDIA: Supreme Court Reinstates Solar Cell Import Levy

4 Oct 2018

The 25% surcharge on imported solar cells, which was temporarily suspended following an interim High Court order, has now been reinstated....Read More


INDIA: Import Duty Raised in Bid to Counter Rising National Debt

4 Oct 2018

Government has raised the Basic Customs Duty (BCD) on a range of imported products, including speakers, footwear, diamonds, jewellery, air conditioners, refrigerators, small washing machines, certain ...Read More


INDIA: E-Commerce Operators Obliged to Collect 1% Tax from Suppliers/Retailers

3 Oct 2018

As of 1 October, operators of e-commerce websites have been obliged to collect a 1% Goods and Services Tax (GST) from all companies that sell products in India via their online platforms....Read More


India: Market Profile

28 Sept 2018

With a population of more than 1.2 billion people, India is the world’s second largest democracy. India has now emerged as a global player. The key medium-term risk is the need for recovery in private...Read More


Accessing India’s Consumer Market: Noteworthy Niches in the E-commerce Ecosystem

27 Sept 2018

India’s retail landscape has been subject to the disruptive forces of e-commerce in recent years, with the emergence of e-tailers posing big challenges to brick-and-mortar retailers. While the eyewear...Read More


INDIA: Duty Free Re-Import of Exported Electronic Goods Given Go-Ahead

26 Sept 2018

Some 23 categories of locally-produced electronic goods previously exported from the country have been approved to be re-imported prior to again being exported....Read More


INDIA: Duty-Free Capital Goods Imports Set to Replace Export Subsidies

28 Aug 2018

According to local media reports, plans are in place to permit the duty-free import of capital goods. The move is intended to counter any fallout from the planned withdrawal of several of the export i...Read More


Accessing India’s Consumer Market: Online and Offline Synergy

27 Aug 2018

While India’s fast-changing retail landscape appears dynamic, in particular the sharp discounts offered by top e-tailers, the bulk of sales are still transacted in bricks-and-mortar stores, including ...Read More


INDIA: Suspended Solar Cell Import Levy Waits on High Court Ruling

16 Aug 2018

The 25% surcharge recently imposed on imported solar cells has been temporarily suspended. The move follows an interim High Court order deferring the levy until a petition challenging its legality has...Read More


INDIA: Import Duty Doubled to 20% on an Additional 328 Textile Categories

10 Aug 2018

Import duty is set to double to 20% on an additional 328 textile product categories. This follows an earlier announcement that just 50 such categories would be liable for the surcharge....Read More


INDIA: New Solar Cell Import Levy Set to Boost Prospects of Domestic Manufacturers

2 Aug 2018

In a bid to protect domestic manufacturers, all solar cells imported from China, Malaysia and any of the more developed nations will be subject to a gradually decreasing surcharge over the next two ye...Read More


INDIA: Textile Import Duty Doubled to 20% in Bid to Boost Domestic Production

27 July 2018

The import duty on more than 50 textile products has been doubled to 20% as part of a government bid to boost domestic production in line with the aims of the Make in India initiative....Read More


Indian Projects Discreet Beneficiaries of AIIB Belt and Road Funding

11 July 2018

Although officially cynical as to the aims of the BRI, India is a major recipient of related infrastructure funding....Read More


INDIA: India Cuts Import Duty on China-Origin Goods as US-Sparked Trade War Intensifies

11 July 2018

Duty concessions are now in place with regard to the import of 3,142 categories of products from China, Bangladesh, Laos, South Korea, and Sri Lanka....Read More


State Visit to China Triggers Bumper Crop of Nepalese BRI Projects

6 July 2018

Having signed 14 BRI-related MoUs with China, Nepal must work harder than ever to keep India genuinely neighbourly…...Read More


INDIA: FDI-backed Retailers Obliged to Maintain Separate Food and Non-Food Accounts

4 July 2018

FDI-backed retail companies must maintain separate accounts for their food and non-food businesses although they are to be permitted to use the same warehousing facilities – duly divided – for both el...Read More

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