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Doing Business with India: Opportunities Arising from GST Reform

29 March 2017

India’s Goods and Services Tax (GST), a key policy initiative passed in August 2016 and expected to be implemented in the second half of 2017, is regarded as a landmark economic initiative since the B...Read More


INDIA: Small Businesses to Get 5% Corporate Income Tax Cut from Incoming Finance Bill

27 March 2017

Companies with an annual turnover of INR500 million (US$7.6 million) or less are to pay corporate income tax (CIT) at a reduced rate of 25%, a 5% cut from the current rate....Read More


INDIA: Accelerated Trademarking Process Cuts Paperwork While Increasing Fees

8 March 2017

The number of application forms required to register a trademark in India has been slashed from 74 to just eight, as the government looks to streamline this once notoriously lengthy process....Read More


Drinks Exhibitors Toast the Good Health of India's Brewing Sector

7 March 2017

Driven by its still expanding middle class and ever-rising levels of disposable income, India's brewing sector finds itself in surprisingly good cheer, according to many exhibitors and attendees at th...Read More


INDIA: Purge of Outdated Commercial Vehicles Set to Boost Domestic Auto Industry

17 Feb 2017

Owners of commercial vehicles that are more than 15 years year old are to be incentivised to replace them with new ones....Read More


INDIA: Foreign Investment Promotion Board Scrapped as FDI Regime Faces Further Liberalisation

9 Feb 2017

With the country’s Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB) now set to be scrapped, all future FDI proposals requiring prior government approval will be solely handled by the relevant ministries....Read More


INDIA: Electronics Manufacturers Set for Capital Expenditure Subsidy in Bid to Boost Domestic Production

2 Feb 2017

Electronics and components manufacturing firms are to be incentivised to boost domestic production. Under the terms of the newly-approved Modified Special Incentive Package Scheme (M-SIPS), a 20% subs...Read More


INDIA: Cash Transactions Set to be Taxed in Bid to Boost Digital Payments

26 Jan 2017

All cash transactions with a value of more INR 50,000 (US$733) are to be taxed under new government proposals. The legislation also looks to abolish transaction charges on credit and debit card paymen...Read More


INDIA: Imported Telecom Products to Undergo Government Screening from 1 April

5 Jan 2017

Telecom equipment imported into India is to be subject to security screening at government-affiliated laboratories. Beginning as a pilot scheme from 1 April, the first phase will focus on any telecom ...Read More


India's Indie Sector: Winning Overseas Awards but Lost to Audiences

3 Jan 2017

The way India's indie film sector is now finding viewers and funding through digital distribution deals could have repercussions for the movie-making business model across the world, according to atte...Read More


INDIA: Services at State-run Ports Opened Up for Tender by Private Operators

22 Dec 2016

The country’s 12 major state-run ports are now open to bids from private companies looking to take on responsibility for individual areas of port operation, such as cargo-handling....Read More


INDIA: Direct Electronic Transmission of Customs Documentation Designed to Scupper Money Laundering

13 Dec 2016

Physical copies of customs clearance documents will no longer be accepted by banks as proof of import prior to funds being transferred abroad. Instead, shipment documentation will now be electronicall...Read More


INDIA: 15% Service Tax Imposed on Online Content Regardless of Service Provider Location

8 Dec 2016

Access to overseas-owned online databases will now be subject to a 15% service tax in India. Under new regulations, the tax will come due based on the location of the user rather than the location of ...Read More


INDIA: Online Platform Set to Slash Certificate of Origin Wait Times

2 Dec 2016

Certificates of Origin (CO) are set to be issued within hours of application once the country’s new export portal goes online. The new service replaces the current practice of certificates being issue...Read More


India: Market Profile

18 Nov 2016

India is expected to remain the world’s fastest-growing major emerging economy in 2016 with a projected growth of 7.5%, after expanding 7.3% in 2015....Read More


INDIA: High Value Notes No Longer Legal Tender in Crackdown on Corruption and Tax Evasion

17 Nov 2016

As part of its bid to curb corruption and tax evasion, the Indian government has made good on its promise to take the existing INR500 (US$7) and INR1000 notes out of circulation....Read More


Mumbai Film Festival Gets its Act Together while Bollywood Struggles

10 Nov 2016

Following turbulent times over recent years, the Mumbai Film Festival seems to have found its feet, although the wider Indian film industry seems to be floundering, with profits down and increased com...Read More


INDIA: Four-Tier Structure Adopted for 2017 Goods and Services Tax

9 Nov 2016

A four-tier structure has been approved for the Goods and Services Tax (GST), scheduled to be introduced on 1 April next year....Read More


INDIA: ADD on China-sourced Hook and Loop Tape Fasteners Extended Until 2021

13 Oct 2016

The imposition of Anti-Dumping Duty (ADD) on China-made hook and loop tape fasteners has been extended until 2021....Read More


INDIA: Company Incorporation Time Cut to Just 24 Hours

7 Oct 2016

The lead time for establishing limited companies is to be cut down from four weeks to just one day. The change follows the official adoption of the Simplified Proforma for Incorporating Companies Elec...Read More

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