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Mainland Appetite for Abalone Sees Prices and Illicit Trade Soar

7 Nov 2017

Prized for their flavour, texture and size, South Africa's abalone stocks are sought out across Asia, with the growing demand from China alone enough to nurture a growing legal trade and an accompanyi...Read More


Global Content Trumps Local Initiatives in African Gaming Sector

27 Sept 2017

With Kenya now set to become the world's fastest-growing market in the video-games sector, the potential of Africa is being reappraised by many in the digital entertainment industry, although local co...Read More


High-tech Gifts and Low-tech Sanctuaries Vie for Attention at Decorex

20 Sept 2017

The Cape Town iteration of South Africa's leading design and lifestyle expo saw cutting-edge smart home technology competing with digital-free designer retreats for the attention and purchase orders o...Read More


South Africa: Market Profile

7 Sept 2017

South Africa’s economy slowed to a narrow growth of 0.3% in 2016, followed by a contraction of annualised 0.7% in Q1 2017....Read More


Rising or Falling: Mixed Messages from Africa's Economic Frontline

17 Aug 2017

Some 10 years ago, received wisdom had it that Africa had shrugged off its image as the 'hopeless continent', with investors entranced by the prospects of this economic final frontier. Now, though, ma...Read More


Is China's BRI Programme Aligned with Africa's Long-Term Interests?

14 July 2017

The Addis Ababa-Djibouti Railway is the latest beneficiary of China's African investment programme, with the BRI set to ensure that the number of such projects is set to increase, but are China and Af...Read More


Digitally Disenfranchised Africa Embraces Home-grown Innovation

13 June 2017

While, overall, Africa remains the least digitally connected continent, there are clear signs that local online entrepreneurship is now paving the way to bringing the internet to some of the region's ...Read More


African Mining Sector Rallies, Though Investors Remain Sceptical

21 March 2017

With a three-year slump hopefully behind it, the African mining industry is now looking to the future, though many investors – with the possible exception of China – remain unwilling to back this lucr...Read More


Private Sector Partners Sought for Africa's Urbanisation Programme

19 Jan 2017

As countries across Africa seek to reinvent their cities, driven by archaic infrastructure and the needs of their increasingly urbanised population, many governments are currently looking for overseas...Read More


93% Surge in Mainlanders Visiting South Africa Follows Visa Overhaul

23 Nov 2016

South Africa repeals disastrous visa requirement regime after visitor numbers tumble throughout the course of 2016....Read More


Global Wildlife Conference Rejects Calls for Legalised Ivory Trade

20 Oct 2016

While China won plaudits for its crackdown on its domestic ivory trade, delegates at the recent Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species called flourishing for renewed action to protect...Read More


Africa's Renewable Energy Sector Looks to Woo Overseas Investors

25 Aug 2016

With an ever-growing gap between supply and demand, Africa needs to rapidly ramp up its power generation if it is to meet the needs of its expanding economies, with overseas private sector investment ...Read More


South Africa Seeks Hong Kong Partners for BRI Halaal Food Distribution

29 June 2016

With South Africa looking to take a lead in the halaal food sector, Asia is a key target for its export-orientated businesses, especially as they set out to capitalise on the numerous opportunities no...Read More


African Style Makes its Bid to Refurbish the Global Design Palette

20 June 2016

African design is undergoing a belated global reappraisal according to exhibitors and attendees at the Decorex 2016 Cape Town event, with the looks and styles that characterise the continent now seen ...Read More


E-commerce Soars Across Africa with Cross-border Orders Set to Lead

27 April 2016

South Africa saw 27% growth in its e-commerce activities in 2015, with a number of other countries across the continent not far behind. This saw many delegates at the eCommerce Africa Confex convinced...Read More


Plenty of Gas, but Little Power – Africa's New Energy Challenge

3 March 2016

While Africa has come to play an ever more significant role in the global oil and gas sector, developments across the continent have been hampered by conflicts and a lack of co-operation between gover...Read More


Africa Predicted to be Bigger Technology Market than Europe by 2020

24 Feb 2016

Mobile financial services will take the lead as Africa's digital market is transformed over the next five years, according to many delegates and exhibitors attending, AfricaCom, the continent's larges...Read More


South Africa Looks to Hong Kong for Distribution to ASEAN Markets

4 Dec 2015

With the growing sophistication and internationalisation of tastes in many of the ASEAN countries, South Africa is now looking to Hong Kong as an intermediary in its bid to increase its food and drink...Read More


South Africa Safeguards Domestic Industry with Chinese Steel Tax

30 Oct 2015

South Africa has imposed a 10% tariff on certain imported Chinese steel products. While the move has been designed to protect the country's ailing steel industry, many fear international repercussions...Read More


South Africa Rolls Out Particular Welcome for Launch of BRICS Bank

20 July 2015

The long-awaited BRICS bank – officially the New Development Bank – was finally green-lit at the group's recent Russian summit. With its remit and programme unclear, South Africa is already readying i...Read More

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