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China's First Nigerian Free Trade Zone Reaches 10-Year Milestone

12 Dec 2019

The Ogun-Guangdong Free Trade Zone looks to the future as work continues on its second phase....Read More


NIGERIA: Export Documents Digital Filing Now Mandatory

25 Nov 2019

Commercial export from Nigeria must now complete the e-Form NXP electronically, which replaces the previously required manual processing documentation....Read More


NIGERIA: All Land Border Import and Export Banned

28 Oct 2019

All trade across Nigeria’s land borders has been prohibited, while sea and air entry points are unaffected....Read More


NIGERIA: 5% VAT on All Online Purchases from January 2020

9 Sept 2019

From January 2020, Nigerian bank card issuers and other electronic payment service providers will automatically collect 5% value added tax (VAT)....Read More


Nigeria: Market Profile

22 July 2019

Nigeria is a key African market, accounting for almost half of West Africa's population, with one of the largest youth populations in the world. Nigeria ranks as the largest oil producer in Africa and...Read More


NIGERIA: All Import Duties Increased by 6.5%

26 June 2019

The official exchange rate for import duties to be paid at Nigeria’s ports has been increased from NGN306 to the US dollar to NGN326, an increase of about 6.5%. The new rate, effective from 11 June, w...Read More


NIGERIA: Minimum Insurance Capital Requirements More Than Tripled

5 June 2019

Nigeria’s Insurance regulator, the National Insurance Commission (NAICOM) has substantially raised minimum capital requirements for insurance and reinsurance firms operating in the country. The move i...Read More


Global Content Trumps Local Initiatives in African Gaming Sector

27 Sept 2017

With Kenya now set to become the world's fastest-growing market in the video-games sector, the potential of Africa is being reappraised by many in the digital entertainment industry, although local co...Read More


Rising or Falling: Mixed Messages from Africa's Economic Frontline

17 Aug 2017

Some 10 years ago, received wisdom had it that Africa had shrugged off its image as the 'hopeless continent', with investors entranced by the prospects of this economic final frontier. Now, though, ma...Read More


Is China's BRI Programme Aligned with Africa's Long-Term Interests?

14 July 2017

The Addis Ababa-Djibouti Railway is the latest beneficiary of China's African investment programme, with the BRI set to ensure that the number of such projects is set to increase, but are China and Af...Read More


Digitally Disenfranchised Africa Embraces Home-grown Innovation

13 June 2017

While, overall, Africa remains the least digitally connected continent, there are clear signs that local online entrepreneurship is now paving the way to bringing the internet to some of the region's ...Read More


Private Sector Partners Sought for Africa's Urbanisation Programme

19 Jan 2017

As countries across Africa seek to reinvent their cities, driven by archaic infrastructure and the needs of their increasingly urbanised population, many governments are currently looking for overseas...Read More


Plenty of Gas, but Little Power – Africa's New Energy Challenge

3 March 2016

While Africa has come to play an ever more significant role in the global oil and gas sector, developments across the continent have been hampered by conflicts and a lack of co-operation between gover...Read More


Investing in Africa: from Dark Continent to Investment Hot Spot

22 April 2014

In the changing global economic landscape, Africa is experiencing unparalleled economic growth. Which of its diverse and developing economies, however, offer real opportunities for Hong Kong investors...Read More


Nigeria - the Next BRIC country holding promise in West Africa

29 June 2012

Nigeria is the second largest economy in Sub-Saharan Africa, trailing South Africa. It has also surpassed Egypt to become the largest Next-11 country in Africa. Nigeria’s considerable resources endowm...Read More


Nigeria’s rising middle class marks new waves of consumerism

29 June 2012

After years of implementing economic diversification, Nigeria no longer relies on the oil sector as the prime economic driver, even though it is the largest oil producer in Africa. The boom of the non...Read More


Nigeria – a stellar market holding promise for Hong Kong companies

29 June 2012

As the third largest African market for Hong Kong’s exports, Nigeria’s market holds promise for Hong Kong’s exports, and it may offer a consumer market with potential comparable to South Africa. In or...Read More

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