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African Tourism Expo Highlights Six Ways to Woo Chinese Visitors

17 May 2018

With sub-Saharan Africa expected to be welcoming 50 million tourists a year by 2022, the focus is now on attracting the highest-spending visitors, with the new generation of affluent, digital-savvy Ch...Read More


Africa Set for Major Asian Investment Surge After a Troubled 2017

21 Feb 2018

With political uncertainties and domestic issues undermining growth in several of Africa's larger economies over the last 12 months, would-be Asian investors are looking at options in a number of the ...Read More


Global Content Trumps Local Initiatives in African Gaming Sector

27 Sept 2017

With Kenya now set to become the world's fastest-growing market in the video-games sector, the potential of Africa is being reappraised by many in the digital entertainment industry, although local co...Read More


Rising or Falling: Mixed Messages from Africa's Economic Frontline

17 Aug 2017

Some 10 years ago, received wisdom had it that Africa had shrugged off its image as the 'hopeless continent', with investors entranced by the prospects of this economic final frontier. Now, though, ma...Read More


Africa Welcomes Belt and Road but Still Cynical of Mainland Motives

14 Sept 2015

While many of the aims of China's Belt and Road Initiative are seen as broadly aligning with a number of projects already underway across much of Africa – notably Kenya's Vision 2030 – some need convi...Read More


Infrastructure Projects Mount as Africa Readies for Belt and Road

27 Aug 2015

East Africa clearly plays a key role in China's Belt and Road Initiative, with its clear endgame of accessing new markets and additional natural resources, but many nations across the continent are no...Read More


Africa Sets Out to Woo China with Luxury and Transformative Travel

19 May 2015

Africa is now one of the must-see destinations for many mainland tourists, with opportunities abounding in the luxury and experiential aspects of the market, according to delegates at World Travel Wee...Read More


Africa: Harnessing the Opportunities While Minimising the Risk

3 Oct 2014

With Africa set to be one of the world's fastest-growing economic zones, businesses need to be aware of the unique risks of investing in the region, according to delegates at the recent Cape Town Doin...Read More


China firms in pole position as African oil industry counts down to 2016

15 May 2014

With just two years left before drilling begins in the East African oil and gas fields, the world's major players gathered in Kenya for the third Oil and Gas Africa International Trade Exhibition, all...Read More


Mainland investment transforms Kenya's retail and real estate sector

2 May 2014

Mainland investors have played a key role in opening up new retail and logistics opportunities along the Thika super highway, one of Kenya's most important commercial routes, with China's automotive e...Read More


Why Kenyan importers are now backing mainland manufacturers…

18 Sept 2013

Following our earlier interview with a Hong Kong businessman dealing with exporting to Africa (How to succeed in African trade: Carmelton CEO on the perils of intercontinental exporting), we look at t...Read More


China and India compete for market share in East African economies

17 July 2013

The two Asian economic giants square up to one another in Kenya's financial, IT, construction and medical sectors as oil sector looks set to become new battleground for closer economic ties....Read More


Kenya's building blueprint

4 Jan 2013

Kenya's aim to enhance its continental trading status is propelled by an infrastructure master plan. There are also big design, building, road and tourism contracts involved...Read More


Kenya textiles: invest and win

8 Nov 2012

The vibrant textile trade in Kenya - pushed by mainly Chinese mainland imports - is in need of an upgrade to take it to the next level of development...Read More


Kenya all ears for Hong Kong, the Mainland

26 Sept 2012

Hong Kong- and Chinese mainland-supplied mobile phones are helping to broaden choices in the rapidly-growing Kenyan telecom market. There are particular opportunities with the establishment of service...Read More


Distributing in and via Kenya

4 May 2012

As a gateway to East and Central Africa, Kenya stands out from the crowd with strong connectivity and a relatively modern retail sector. A closer look at the country’s distribution channels and import...Read More


Potential opportunities for Hong Kong in Kenya

4 May 2012

While Hong Kong companies cannot be everything to all Kenyans, Kenya holds the greatest promise for electronics, electricals, textiles and garment suppliers offering tailor-made products and solutions...Read More


Dipping a toe in the Kenyan market

4 May 2012

New-to-the-market players should take heed of challenges in relation to limited buying power, rudimentary retail landscape and a sizeable informal market. Export trade aside, they can consider the pro...Read More


Kenya – The launch pad to East Africa

4 May 2012

With sea and air connections, Kenya is not only the largest economy in East Africa, but an ideal regional gateway. Its accommodating trade regime, steady economic growth and English-speaking environme...Read More

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