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INDONESIA: New App Set to Accelerate Regional FDI Approval Process

21 March 2019

The government has launched a new app in a bid to improve coordination between regional investment officials with regard to the granting of permits for foreign direct investment (FDI)....Read More


LAOS: Business and Tax Registration Procedures Set to be Integrated

20 March 2019

Newly-set up businesses in Laos will no longer be required to apply separately for registration with the country’s tax authorities and for obtaining the 12-digit Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN)....Read More


MYANMAR: Official Boost for Trade and Investment Unveiled

18 March 2019

The Ministry of Commerce and the Directorate of Investment and Company Administration has recently launched the Trade and Investment Project (TIP), an initiative aimed at boosting the country’s commer...Read More


INDONESIA: Free Trade Agreement Signed with Australia

15 March 2019

The country has now formally signed a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with Australia. Formally entitled the Indonesia-Australia Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (IA-CEPA), its wide remit includ...Read More


CAMBODIA: Online Certificate of Origin System Extended to Laos Border Province

13 March 2019

The country’s online Certificate of Origin (CO) system has been extended to the province of Stung Treng on the country’s border with Laos, as well as to two other provinces bordering Vietnam - Kratie ...Read More


CAMBODIA: New Factories and Industrial Vehicles Banned in Central Phnom Penh

12 March 2019

No new factories are to be opened in the central districts of Phnom Penh, the national capital, following the imposition of a blanket ban designed to cut back on commercial traffic in the frequently-c...Read More


LAOS: Phase One of Intellectual Property Registration Portal Goes Live

11 March 2019

A new online service for registering intellectual property rights is currently under-development. The initial phase of the system – the IP Information Portal – is now up and running, but is restricted...Read More


INDONESIA: Ministry Calls for Domestic Products to be Featured on All Online Platforms

5 March 2019

The country’s e-commerce operators may soon be obliged to feature domestic products on all platforms....Read More


LAOS: Investors Set to Lose Land Concession Licences on Stalled Projects

4 March 2019

Investors who fail to initiate agreed development programmes are set to have their land concession licences rescinded as part of a government crackdown on overly-delayed projects....Read More


VIETNAM: Domestically-Produced Auto-Parts Set to be Exempt from Special Consumption Tax

1 March 2019

The Ministry of Finance has proposed abolishing the Special Consumption Tax (SCT) on all locally-produced automotive parts destined for use in the assembly of vehicles with a maximum of nine seats....Read More


THAILAND: Full Excise Tax Exemption Mooted for Domestically Produced Electric Vehicles

28 Feb 2019

The 8% excise duty on full Electric Vehicles (EVs) produced in the country is to be waived in line with a new proposal by the Excise Department (ED)....Read More


MYANMAR: Overseas Banks Approved for New Branches and Wider Range of Services

27 Feb 2019

In line with a recent statement by the Central Bank of Myanmar (CBM), all overseas-headquartered banks will be permitted to set up wholly-owned subsidiaries in the country by the end of 2020....Read More


LAOS: Revised Investment Guidelines Issued Following Publication of Controlled Business List

26 Feb 2019

Following the publication of the Controlled Business List (CBL), which provides details of all the commercial sectors where operators require a statutory licence, revised investment application proced...Read More


VIETNAM: Corporate Tax Incentives Introduced for Science/Technology Businesses

22 Feb 2019

Science and technology-oriented businesses are to be exempt from corporate income tax (CIT) for four years and then offered a 50% CIT cut for a further nine years....Read More


INDONESIA: Universities and Hospitals Set to be Opened Up to Overseas Investors

21 Feb 2019

Proposals are being considered with regard to opening up the country’s university and hospital sectors to overseas investors....Read More


CAMBODIA: Certificate of Origin Fees Scrapped

20 Feb 2019

Businesses are no longer required to pay an Export Management Fee (EMF) when looking to secure a Certificate of Origin (COO)....Read More


LAOS: List Issued of Statutory Licenced Business Sectors

18 Feb 2019

A state-compiled list of the business sectors where domestic and overseas investors require an official operating licence prior to commencing trading has now been issued....Read More


MYANMAR: Overseas Investors Allowed to Hold Maximum 35% Stake in Local Banks

14 Feb 2019

Overseas investors are to be permitted to hold a stake of up to 35% in any of the country’s licenced local banks....Read More


MYANMAR: All Businesses Required to Re-Register Existing Trademarks

13 Feb 2019

In line with international best practice, the country is set to abolish its existing first-to-use trademark registration system and adopt a first-to-file system....Read More


LAOS: Business Incorporation Time Cut from 174 Days to Less Than 60

12 Feb 2019

In a bid to streamline the paperwork required for the incorporation of a business, the number of required procedures has been cut from 10 to just four....Read More

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