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MYANMAR: Online Construction Permit System Set to Cut Processing Time by 50%

19 Aug 2019

The Yangon Building Permit System (YBPS), an online construction permit facility, is to be piloted among duly-accredited architects and construction engineers in Yangon, the country’s commercial capit...Read More


VIETNAM: Clarification Issued with Regard to Use of “Made in Vietnam” Designation

9 Aug 2019

In a bid to ensure the “Made in Vietnam” citation is correctly deployed, the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) has issued a circular specifying the criteria for determining whether goods have been...Read More


MYANMAR: Trading on Stock Exchange Opened-Up to Non-Locals

2 Aug 2019

Foreign nationals and overseas entities – including locally-registered wholly foreign-owned enterprises as well as joint-ventures with local businesses – are to be permitted to buy shares on the Yango...Read More


MYANMAR: In-Depth Proposals Now Mandatory for Prospective Investors

1 Aug 2019

As of 1 August, this year, prospective investors will be required to supply more information when submitting proposals. In line with this, the Ministry of Investment and Foreign Economic Relations has...Read More


PHILIPPINES: State Moves to Support Start-Ups and Provide Easier Access for Overseas Investors

26 July 2019

In a bid to promote innovation among its micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), as well as to ease the entry of foreign investors into the country’s emerging start-up sector, the Innovative Star...Read More


MALAYSIA: Construction Permit Approval Time Cut from 390 Days to 90

23 July 2019

The maximum time for a construction permit to be approved has been cut to 90 days, a considerable reduction from the somewhat lengthy 390-day limit that previously applied....Read More


CAMBODIA: Trade Portal Set to Streamline Export Procedures and Curb Corruption

18 July 2019

With the country’s National Single Window (NSW) system now up and running, it is expected that traders will benefit from streamlined customs clearance procedures, including the facility to submit impo...Read More


LAOS: Legal Framework for Future Anti-Dumping Measures Officially Adopted

17 July 2019

A legal framework has been adopted, which, for the first time, will facilitate any future imposition of anti-dumping/countervailing measures on imported products....Read More


LAOS: Overseas Exporters Freed from Need to Secure Domestic Business Licence

16 July 2019

Overseas exporters are no longer required to register locally or obtain a domestic business licence prior to supplying goods to the country....Read More


PHILIPPINES: Would-be Overseas Workers Obliged to Secure ‘No Objection’ Certificate

15 July 2019

Prior to applying for the required permits to work and reside in the country, would-be overseas employees now need to secure a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the Department of Labor and Employmen...Read More


VIETNAM: Free Trade Agreement Signed with the European Union

11 July 2019

Vietnam has now formally signed a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) and an Investment Protection Agreement (IPA) with the European Union (EU)....Read More


CAMBODIA: Hong Kong Signs Comprehensive Double Taxation Agreement with Cambodia

10 July 2019

Hong Kong has signed a comprehensive avoidance of Double Taxation Agreement (DTA) with Cambodia. Under the terms of the deal signed on 26 June, any tax paid in Cambodia by Hong Kong businesses will be...Read More


LAOS: Electricity Charge Cut Announced in Bid to Boost Investments and Manufacturing Output

9 July 2019

Electricity charges for commercial and residential users are set to be cut across the country. According to the Lao government, the revised tariffs will not only provide a benefit for low-income users...Read More


INDONESIA: Luxury Property Sales Tax Cut in Bid to Jumpstart Real Estate Sector

8 July 2019

The tax on the sale or transfer of luxury property priced at Rupiah 30 billion (US$2.1 million) or more has been cut on 19 June 2019 from 5% to 1%....Read More


VIETNAM: Overseas E-Commerce Businesses Set to Become Income Tax-Liable

5 July 2019

Tax is to be payable on all of the country’s digital transactions from 1 July 2020. For the first time, this will see overseas companies in receipt of Vietnam-sourced online payments liable to pay inc...Read More


PHILIPPINES: Manila Economic Zones Put on Hold as Regional Development Gets Priority

4 July 2019

In a bid to drive the development of the Special Economic Zones in the country’s outlying regions, no further applications to establish such zones within the central Metro Manila region are to be acce...Read More


MYANMAR: Overseas Businesses Approved to Enter Food Export Sector

19 June 2019

Overseas investors in the country can now open wholly foreign-owned companies or form joint ventures with local companies for the purpose of exporting goods across seven product categories - rice (inc...Read More


THAILAND: Biodegradable Plastic Packaging Tax Incentives Adopted

17 June 2019

Businesses are now entitled to claim tax deductions of up to 1.25 times the amount they spend on biodegradable plastic packaging. This deduction may be claimed against all relevant expenses incurred b...Read More


SINGAPORE: Import and Sale of Trans Fat Products Banned from June 2021

12 June 2019

As of June 2021, it will be prohibited to import or sell foodstuffs containing partially hydrogenated oils (PHOs). Along with the import ban, local food suppliers will be legally required to ensure th...Read More


VIETNAM: Anti-Dumping Duty Imposed for 120 Days on China-Sourced Aluminium Imports

11 June 2019

Certain aluminium imports of China origin are to be subjected to anti-dumping duty (ADD), albeit for a temporary period. The measure, which came into effect on 5 June, will apply to aluminium extrusio...Read More

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